We all meet a lot of people in our lives – at our college, at our job, extended family,the ones we call friends or lovers, sometimes spouses and so many others. While there will be a few people who will give you utter happiness, there are a few those will always just make you wonder why do they even exist?

I was myself unaware about this kind of a relationship until some time back.

A toxic relationship is any relationship which is not favorable for you.

It could be a bad spirited colleague, a bullying aunt, a back stabbing family member or an always discouraging friend. We usually say that you can not clap with one hand, but in this case its not necessary that both the human beings sharing this relationship are poisonous or negatively oriented. Toxic people are hardly aware of their own toxicity. They are mostly the ones who live in insecurities and always keep their selfish motives above everything else. They will always be absorbed in their own emotions, interests and goals.

While you might turn to them for some emotional support they will always use your emotions for their own benefit. They play with your mind, they try to season you according to them and if you dont act as per them they can turn really aggressive and deadly.

These people mostly wear masks on their faces, not a lot of people will know about their selfish motives, they can often come across to others as ideals – obviously because they wear a mask.

Their own insecurities lead them to over think and judge – situations & people. Because they lack personal insight they will never know how wrong they are. They will never agree that they are at fault.

They always make you feel emotionally and psychologically distressed.

To know that you are in a Toxic relationship – ask yourself

• Do you feel emotionally drained out after you interact with that particular person?

• Do you dread to see them?

If the answer is yes, you have to decide. Its hazardous for your mental health to continue keeping such people on your list. They will never be happy for you or never be sad if anything wrong happens to you, they might rather feel happy.

I used to read how successful people often talk about cutting the ties from people who negatively impacted their life. Now i understand why it is important, their emotional drama will always keep pulling you down and not let you focus on bigger things in life and hence never let you grow.

To continue these kind of relationships means a never ending anxiety, stress and troubles.

In my opinion we can not heal Toxic relationships – because these relationships are based on a jealous and judgmental mindset, and mindsets dont change. It occurs due to 2 extreme thought processes and their hyper critical behavior.

Because of their Me vs You attitude you can never come at a consensus with them and hence things can never get better because they will consistently chase you, try to dominate/control you and always play blame games.

It is highly recommended to cut ties with such people as soon as possible before they start affecting you mental health and physical being in a very hazardous way.

It might be difficult at first and might cause them do even more emotional drama, but once you have identified them – knock them off (I dont mean kill them), but knock them off your list. They are not your people, they aren’t your tribe. And anyone who pulls you down has no place in your life.

After reading this article I am certain a lot of you will be able to identify who that Toxic person in your life is. They put us in so much self doubt and mess that we often end up reviewing our conversations and meetings with them.

In case any of my reader wants to share their story with me or want my help on how to get over with their TOXIC relationship you can email me, DM me.

I will be more than happy to help.

Love & power,



Monsoon Frizz?!

A secret that could change your hair game and FOREVER!!

How much ever we love rain dances or enjoy sumptuous snacks in monsoons, one thing we all will have to admit is we hate the frizzy hair this rain and humid weather leaves behind.

While some are born with the envious non maintenance locks, me, along with all the other things have to pay for their tresses to look envious :p

And then comes our BFF to rescue – hair irons.

But the irony is, this humid weather wins over the perfectly ironed glossy hair and makes them turn into a frizzy land again.

So, I am going to share my hair care routine which is very simple, very budget friendly and will not harm your hair.

To begin with I NEVER oil my hair {in case you thought I would tell u to regularly oil :’D }. Ya once in a while when I want to splurge in the luxury of a head massage, I go for an extra virgin olive oil head massage (the oil to be just lukewarm). I have my choices!!

Jokes apart!! Let me just reveal the secret. Which is basically this hair iron that works wonderfully and has become my favorite over the years.

After trying many high rated branded hair irons, some of which are not even available in our country I finally found an iron which is easily available, takes care of your hair from wash to wash. Has a very friendly usage, has temperatures as high as 230 degrees for you in case you want your glorious curls.

How I found it – I saw a sassy professional hair stylist use it and I thought it must be the most expensive & most imported hair iron ever. And sheepishly I asked him – Ummm which hair straightener is that??

And there he told me a secret which stays with me forever and today I share it with you all.

He said it was – IKONIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER! And he bought it online on FLIPKART!!!

I mean I know, it sounded like is it for real? And he said it was for 5000 bucks!! I am not kidding I wanted to kiss him!!

And the truth is – Me and my hair lived happily ever after….

Ps – I usually keep the temperature at 190 degree, until and unless I want very defined curls. I always use a heat protector before ironing – these days it is Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist.

There you go fam… enjoy the frizzy free gorgeous tresses all year.


Sindrellastorie ♥️


Hi come again?

Oh did you say Big Maama, no wait you said flat as a pancake, or maybe Aunt Jemima! But you know what; you still did not get my attention.

Are you out of milky malts and onto your adult beverages yet?! Well I don’t think so!! Oh maybe you take alcopops then!

How can we be fighting since so long to prove a few extra pounds on our tummies and thighs do not make us CRIMINAL. Deadly decades back we were doing the same thing and today even after mental complex advancement and education we are still on the same page Bro.

It was some dinosaurs years back when Marilyn Monroe said (or you know maybe she was already predicting), “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you are not a size 0 you’re the beautiful one it’s the society who’s ugly (AF)!”

Even the generous mink above the derriere is called LOVE handles for a reason! And there is absolutely NO reason I can’t (winks).

“Aapka size nahi hai” (We don’t have your size – #DelhiStreetshopsBeLike) and quite arrogantly.

 Come-on! It’s your bad luck then.

What’s worse than a mother not giving her 6 year old cherub that slice of Red Velvet because she will become brawny, though it is out of pure love and concern of that mother, or maybe she doesn’t want her daughter to hear all that she has?


Don’t mistake me for disseminating Obesity. No I am not doing that. It’s my compassionate connotation to embark Plus Size in India as a reasonable alibi to live peacefully, to make curves be looked upon as Beauty and not Disgust.

I am quite proud of my nation when we foster scientists and render engineers. But I believe it to be a scandal when I walk into a swimsuit store and am looked upon as I am from outer space. I know how toilsome it would be for those docile teenage sweethearts. Try rooms become the weeping & self humiliations spots; and after a rigorous attempt to fit in that skinny garment you finally give up and start a new diet right inside the try room.

 I always preferred to shop alone, simply because I never wanted to let my thinner friends know that how disheartening it is to not find anything that fits me in their favorite stores. I never wanted to tell them I don’t fit into jeans available at the stores which they bragged about.

 And I can write this today because I once was at the spot. Today I can call myself as someone who is extremely canny in my skin, I never remorse for not being able to wear that pair of distressed shorts and that tank.

I can even do that, honestly! It’s all about carrying off the outfit; but rather I choose an attire that suits my silhouette. And believe me I do it with ultimate primeness.

 The svelte ones will sometimes look at you with benevolence and sympathy & at other times with disgrace.  If a sister will not understand a sister how do I even blame the entire society?

I follow almost all the curvy fashion bloggers in our country and I am so proud of each of them, I have a heartfelt regard for them for making an effort to change the plus size game in India. May you all be immensely blessed pretty women.

SindrellaStorie is going to be my beloved and cherished attempt to bring out the inner allure of every enchantress who has somewhere lost herself in the judgment of our societal critics.


Put your hands up, swing them breezy and CELEBRATE YOUR SIZE!!


With immense love,

SindrellaStorie  (Vigya Walia)